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Ms. Inge Smith-


At Smith Preschool,
We believe that children should be given the opportunity to develop their intellectual and creative abilities to the fullest.  We believe that the best way to bring this about is through a preschool program that combines a work-play approach with an academically structured program.  We are a traditional program that incorporates Montossori practices into our curriculum.
Having been in operation for 65 years, Smith Preschool has developed a solid curriculum, unequaled by any preschool in the area.  Ms. Inge Smith, founder and owner, has been involved in early childhood education her entire life.  Smith Preschool operates a "mind-stretching" educational experience, based largely on the tested and proven philosophy that "parents and teachers are partners in the education of their children."
Smith Preschool is located in a residential neighborhood.  It has two secluded, shady playgrounds.  These inviting surroundings stress that school is a happy and safe place.  Contact us today with questions or requests! At Smith Preschool, we welcome parental visitations and we encourage prospective parents to see our facilities and meet our teachers.

Ms. Claudia-

Director/Pre-K4-5 Teacher

Returning to Smith Preschool in the 1980s was like going back home for Ms. Claudia. The opportunity to work for Ms. Inge as the school’s Director and pre-kindergarten teacher has been a unique gift. Growing up in Franklin Ms. Claudia was a student of Ms. Inge’s as a child and graduated from Brentwood Academy. Her foundational love for learning and teaching can be traced right to 410 Battle Avenue. Her own sons attended Smith Preschool. It is the individuality of every child that Ms. Claudia says is her favorite part of teaching at Smith Preschool.


Ms. Lauren-

Pre-K3-4 Head Teacher

Teaching is a family tradition for Ms. Lauren, whose mother is a longtime elementary teacher. Ms. Lauren attended Smith Preschool in the late 90s and chose to return to Smith Preschool as Lead Teacher. Ms. Lauren says she loves Smith because “kids get to be kids!"


Ms. Kacy-
Pre-K3 Head Teacher

Ms. Kacy has been teaching at Smith Preschool for more than a decade. The field of education runs deep in her family. Her husband is the principal of Franklin  High School and her father-in-law taught in Williamson County Schools for more than thirty years. She says her favorite part of being at Smith today is the privilege of being able to work with all of the children and make learning fun.

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