Pre-K 3

The Pre-K 3's utilize a program called "Frog Street Press."This program integrates instruction across development

domains including social and emotional domains and early learning disciplines.  It is a joyful approach to learning! 

**All Programs each week incorporate the Weekly Reader by Scholastic!  This teaches science and social studies concepts.***

Pre-K 4

The Pre-K 4 program uses the "Read It Once Again" Program.  The program gives students phonemic awareness, math skills, science readiness, creative writing and social studies skills through their senses, mostly touch. If students are birthday eligible for Kindergarten, it makes sure they are prepared and ready.  If students are not birthday eligible, this program ensures they are ready to tackle the Pre-K 5 program.  

Pre-K 5

The Pre-K 5 program emphasizes "Kindergarten Readiness" using the proven program from Sullivan, "Animal Island." This program starts from the very basic letter and sound recognition and ends with reading and writing in full sentences.  This program makes sure students are fully prepared for the academics ahead in Kindergarten. 

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